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Welcome to Moonchild Productions

What can be found here?

This site provides information about Moonchild Productions.
Different sections will explain the aspects of Moonchild Productions:

  • Who is Moonchild Productions?
  • Sections for the different disciplines:
    • Art
    • Programming
    • IT services
    • Language services
  • Portfolio/Links
  • Contacting Moonchild Productions

To navigate, please use the menu above to jump to the different sections of this site.


This site is merely a central place for information about Moonchild Productions. It does not intend to provide any additional services itself, and should only be considered an impressum.
This also means that this domain does not have any active e-mail addresses or other services, so please do not try to e-mail any addresses, nor trust any e-mail claiming to originate from this domain.

This site is still under construction
More pages will be completed and added over time.
For the time being, please check out the Pale Moon project - the main, active, large project of Moonchild Productions.

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