This site will be shut down in February 2023.
Moonchild Productions


Moonchild has, for a while, created artwork of various kinds, but is on a permanent hiatus as a creative artist due to the necessary focus on the programming part of his career. The various pieces of artwork by his hand are primarily anthropomorphic in nature.

Anthropomorphic art

Anthropomorphic art is art depicting characters that are a mix of the human animal and other species in looks and demeanor - Upright walking animals like in fables, mythical creatures like werewolves, lizardmen, and the likes. Most of these can be found in the realm of fantasy illustrations and the ever growing "Furry" community, which is, despite the bad press highlighting some extremists, a friendly, open community with a lot of creative souls in it.

A few examples of Moonchild's collaborative anthropomorphic art can be found below, but as stated he is no longer actively contributing more to his art portfolio at the moment. That does not take away, however, that he is a patron of the arts, especially in the subjects that have his interest.

Miscellaneous Art

Apart from Anthropomorphic Art, Moonchild has also created a number of miscellaneous other works. As with the other art, a full gallery can be found on the dedicated art site at Below you can find a few examples of the different subjects and media used for other artistic endeavors.

"Wolf Painting #3"
Digital painting after photo reference of a wolf (canis lupus)
"Winter Painting #2"
Digital canvas painting of a wintery landscape scene
"The Veil of Twilight"
Photography, a dawn photograph taken in winter.