This site will be shut down in February 2023.
Moonchild Productions


Moonchild Productions is the name under which several Free and Open Source Software (FOSS) projects are published, the most prominent ones being the Pale Moon web browser, the Basilisk web browser and the Unified XUL Platform (UXP).
In this context, the name refers to our community of developers and users working together to bring you these pieces of software in an open and collaborative environment.

Community Projects

For brevity, here are some links to the various projects and resources managed under the Moonchild Productions umbrella:
You may also want to check out the Moonchild Productions organization on the private Gitea instance for other projects.

Personal Projects

Aside from the community projects, Moonchild has also released several individual applications as personal projects. Some of these include helper applications for Pale Moon like the Pale Moon Backup Tool, the Web Installer (currently discontinued) and various small tools around browser management and release engineering, as well as a few browser extensions (Pale Moon Commander, AdBlock Latitude, etc.) and other unrelated programs like an address book application and RPG dice rolling program.
Individual projects in the past also include privately-released/commissioned programs for clubs and associations and various small tools to improve quality of life in work environments and to help with server administration.
In comparison to the community projects, these are not very significant.

Web Design

The various community projects and personal projects of course require web design for their web presence, and all of these sites are built from the ground up regarding style and layout by Moonchild personally, building on past design experience and creative inspiration.